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Programme: Doctor of Philosophy Major: Mathematical Sciences Email: User

Sl. No.ID NumberNameUser ID
1 13RS044 Mrinmay Biswas mb13rs044
2 14RS009 Prahllad Deb pd14rs009
3 14RS073 Tiasha Saha Roy tsr14rs073
4 14RS079 Sanjib Gayen sg14rs079
5 16RS059 Amitesh Sarkar as16rs059
6 16RS062 Golam Mostafa Mondal gmm16rs062
7 17RS012 Avishek Chatterjee ac17rs012
8 17RS038 Sachchidanand Prasad sp17rs038
9 17RS062 Samiron Parui sp17rs062
10 18RS016 Subrata Majumdar sm18rs016
11 18RS017 Sugata Ghosh sg18rs017
12 18RS067 Rachita Guria rg18rs067

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