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Programme: Doctor of Philosophy Major: Mathematical Sciences Email: User

Sl. No.ID NumberNameUser ID
1 14RS079 Sanjib Gayen sg14rs079
2 18RS017 Sugata Ghosh sg18rs017
3 18RS067 Rachita Guria rg18rs067
4 20RS017 Rajiv Mishra rm20rs017
5 20RS078 Joydwip Singh js20rs078
6 20RS105 Jebasingh R jr20rs105
7 21RS044 Habibur Rahaman hr21rs044
8 21RS045 Mukilraj K mk21rs045
9 21RS100 Subhajit Das sd21rs100
10 22RS011 Bishal Bhunia bb22rs011
11 22RS069 Abisek Dewan ad22rs069
12 23RS002 Arnab Chattopadhyay ac23rs002
13 23RS005 Samit Ghosh sg23rs005
14 23RS051 Gourab Paul gp23rs051
15 23RS056 Suman Karak sk23rs056
16 23RS060 Narayan Biswas nb23rs060
17 23RS066 Lisa Mandal lm23rs066

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