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Cell Culture, Immunostaining, Gel Electrophoresis, PCR, Epifluorescence Microscope, Confocal Microscope, Statistical analysis, Machine Learning


Origin, Imagej, FIJI


English, Hindi, Bengali


Python, C, MATLAB, LaTeX



Effect of Cellular Deadhesion on Endocytic Recycling in HeLa cells

MS Research Project, IISER Kolkata(August 2021 - June 2022)

I’m trying to investigate how endocytosis and exocytosis can be responsible for the regulation of the membrane tension of a cell, during mechanical processes like deadhesion. I’m also building a computational model of the endocytic recycling system.
Under the supervision of Dr. Bidisha Sinha, IISER Kolkata

Predicting Differentiation Status in C2C12 Cells

IISER Kolkata, Summer 2021

Machine learning was used to look at early images of C2C12 skeletal cells (2 hours from application of differential media) and predict the fate of cell at 72 hours (differentiated/ undifferentiated).
under supervision of Dr. Bidisha Sinha, IISER Kolkata

Simulating Endocytosis using Rate Equations

IISER Kolkata, Summer 2020

The main aim was to understand how the cell membrane tension changes during processes
like deadhesion. Simulations to predict membrane tension and surface area ratios were performed.
under supervision of Dr. Bidisha Sinha, IISER Kolkata

Induced Morphological Changes in Bacillus subtilis

IISER Kolkata, November 2019

Bacillus subtilis was grown in nutrient-deprived stressed conditions under this project. Cells were found to change their shape from spherical to elongated. Cell aggregates and filament formation were also observed under more stressed conditions.

Flocking Behaviour in Living and Non-Living Systems

IISER Kolkata, Summer 2019

Short project based on ’Vicsek model’, which describes collective motion and swarming of active matter. Simulations were performed under different stressed conditions.
under supervision of Dr. Rumi De, IISER Kolkata

Other Activities

As an office bearer of the club, my job was to plan and conduct scientific activities including workshops, seminars and other group activities like quizzes and think sessions.

Event Organizer for gaming event in annual fest of IISER Kolkata (2018, 2019)

IISER Kolkata has a vibrant gaming culture and a large number of people participate in the gaming events during the annual fest. I was a part of the organizing team and my work involved planning, implementing and managing both the technical and logistic aspects of the event.