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Ashish Samantaray


I'm a 2nd Year integrated BS-MS student at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, KOLKATA. Keenly interested in research related to Sub-Atomic Quantum particle, Solar cell, Nanotechnology, LASERs, and Light-matter Interaction. An active learner and ready to explore new research areas.

Atomics and Laser Optics

Nowadays, the LASER is being widely used from the classroom pointer to determining the distance between earth and moon. With the advent of Laser, a new subject of Non-Linear Optics has started. And this has provided a greater insight to matter, and it's constituent. Various applications of non-linear such as sum and difference frequency mixing, cold ablation, second and higher harmonic generations. Recently, I came to know that with the Time-Resolved Second Harmonic Generation experiments, we can probe the dynamics of an electron in any material. I have also gone through online reading materials related to terahertz spectroscopy and its application in the characterization of matter. How terahertz can provide us information about the conductivity and refractive index of matter in a “non-contact” method? In my first-year summer internship, I had done a project on Nanoparticles and its properties. In continuation, I had gone through review articles such as “Terahertz spectroscopy of nanomaterials: a close look at charge-carrier transport.” Which elaborates the use of terahertz in the characterization of nanoparticles and semiconductors. I would like to know and explore more related to this field of optics. It will be a great adventurous journey for me. Owing to the immense application and high scope of research, I am excited to work on the field of optics. Specifically related to Non-linear optics and terahertz spectroscopy. This opportunity will not only harness my prior knowledge of Linear Optics but also kindle my research interest. I am hopeful to come up with a new affordable, and highly available application of Optics that would help mankind.

"A Big Shot is a Little Shot who keeps on Shooting, so keep trying."

-A.P.J Abdul Kalam