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A little about myself

Hi! My name is Chirom MEIRABA Meitei. I was born and raised in the far North-eastern part of India called Manipur, a place stricken with poverty, arm conflict and virtually invisible in the country's map. Typically with the oriental asian look, faced many hurdles in competing in the nation's premier top research institute. Apart from the academics, I am an aspiring Karateka, and I love organising motivational and science promotional talks to school children everytime I visit my lovely homestate.

Research interests:

My research interests basically lies in the nano-materials science and nanotechnology. Presently, I am interested to work on electronic materials like multiferroics, semiconductors and superconductors, LEDs and solar cells

Academic Backgroud

1. BS-MS (Chemical Sciences Major), Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata

2. Higher Secondary, Comet School, Imphal, Manipur

3. High School, Keishamthong High School, Imphal

Academic Achievement

1. BS-MS, CGPA 8.6/10

2. Higher Secondary Exam, COHSEM, 85%, State top 1%

3. High School Leaving Exam, BOSEM, 91.2%, State 9th Position

4. Various achievemnts in state level exams and Science Olympiads


Seminars/Science Camps attended:

(i) VIJYOSHI- National Science Camp 2014 Orgd. By KVPY, IISER-K and INSPIRE DST.

(ii) “Science Talent Development Program” at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (IISc) 2013.

(iii) "Smart Materials: Methods and Applications" (SMMA - 2017) Orgd. By Centre for Advanced Functional Materials (CAFM), IISER-K

(iv) Attended many Department and Institute level talks, seminars and colloiquim


(i) “Synthesis of Materials for Solar Energy Harvesting” under Dr. Kingsuk Mahata, Dept. of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati, 2016 where precursor molecules which can be used as artificial molecular photosynthesis were synthesized.

(ii) “Study on the Structural and Microstructural Properties of Sol-Gel Processed Zinc Doped Bismuth Ferrite Nano-powder” under Dr. H Basantakumar Sharma, Dept. of Physics, Manipur University, 2015 where multiferroics property was studied, confirmed by XRD and EDX and SEM analysis were done.

(iii) “An approach to white light LED: Application of phosphors in LED using lanthanide doped Barium phosphate host ” currently undergoing at NCL, National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR), Pune under Dr Meitram Niraj Luwang, Scientist, Chemical Engineering and Process Development (CEPD) 2017


Languages: Manipuri, English, Basic Hindi

Computational: Python Programming (Basic), HTML(Basic), Gnuplot, Origin, ChemDraw, Microsoft Office, CIE analysis, X’Pert High Score Plus,

Systems: Linux, Windows

Lab: Thin layer and Column Chromatography, Inert atmosphere reaction, Wet synthetic process (sol-gel, HT, etc.), UV-Vis Spectroscopy, Solid state FT-IR Spectroscopy, Mass Spectroscopy, Raman Spectroscopy, NMR, XRD and SEM, TEM, SAED, NMR analysis

Organizational Skill: Served as Secretary of Movie Club (IISER-K).

Volunteering: Mentor for 1st year BS-MS students for Academic session of 2016-17.

Extra curricular activities:

Sports: Karate, Football, Chess.

Keen learner with diverse interest, bagged 1st position in various quiz competitions and many achievements at science and talent hunt competitions.

Hobby: Philately, Coin collection, reading and making friends

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