IISER-K literary club

a cultural club of indian institute of science education and research, kolkata
The Literary Club consists of an intimate group of individuals who like hanging out and having fun. Our main objective is to provide a platform to promote creativity. We publish our college's annual magazine, and conduct various events like story writing competitions, debates, quizzes, and spelling bees.

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office bearers


Dr. Rumi De


Dipanjan Chaudhuri


Kathir Kanagarajan


Debapriyo Sarkar

list of members

Anindya Sengupta (09MS)

Saswata Roy (09MS)

Sonali Mohapatra (09MS)

Vivek Sinha (09MS)

Dipanjan Chaudhuri (10MS)

Mohit Pandey (10MS)

Priyanka Chowdhury (10MS)

Sanmoy Mandal (10MS)

Uditendu Mukhopadhyay (10MS)

Abhishek Banerjee (11MS)

Debapriyo Sarkar (11MS)

Kathir Kanagarajan (11MS)

Madhura Duttagupta (11MS)

Maneesha Ismail (11MS)

Samarpita Gayen (11MS)

Sunipa Dev (11MS)

Aravind Ravi (12MS)

Balraj Rathod (12MS)

Dipanjana Dalui (12MS)

Riya Samanta (12MS)

Shashank Srikanta (12MS)

Abhijeet Kumar (13MS)

Akshay Simha K J (13MS)

Archana Josy (13MS)

Komal Bhattacharyya (13MS)

Samyadeb Mahato (13MS)

Saptarshi Maji (13MS)

Shashank Shubham Jha (13MS)

Shruti J S (13MS)

Sreyam Sengupta (13MS)

Sristy Agrawal (13MS)

Tousif Islam (13MS)

Vismay K (13MS)

Debanjan Basu (07MS)

Dibya Chakraborty (07MS)

Syed Zeeshan Ali (07MS)

Abhranil Das (08MS)

events information

The Literary Club hosts a variety of events. The in-house events make the club meetings a treat to all members. The club also hosts many open-events where anyone from the IISER-K family can participate.

The various annual events (quiz, debate, spelling bee) have been major successes due to active participation by all.

in-house events

The club hosts a variety of fun events exclusively for members. We often indulge in impromptu games and activities during meetings. We discuss things we read and sometimes read out noteworthy parts from novels. There are frequent poetry reading sessions, where members get to share their original works. We also have a separate screening of hand-picked films that might not appeal to the general populace.

open events

short story writing competition This is held once per semester. Submissions must be original and the winner's story is published in the annual magazine with special mention.

remembering rituparno
(in collaboration with movie club)
A special 4-week event for the Autumn 2013 semester. Four films by Rituparno Ghosh will be screened accompanied by introductory speeches for those who are new to his works.

le quiz! The annual quizzing event of IISER-Kolkata hosted by Kathir Kanagarajan.

panel discussions Held frequently on different topics. Participants express their views and debate in front of judges.

(in collaboration with arts club)
An event where literary club and art club members team up to make greeting cards.

the annual debate Participants debate for or against a specific topic.

compatibilty meter A team event where each team produces a short story on a specific topic in a way that no consecutive lines are written by the same person. No verbal communication is allowed.

the annual spelling bee Know your spellings! Hosted by Sunipa Dev.


club blog

the literary club's blogA blog meant to be a platform for sharing written work with the entire college. Anyone who is/has been a part of IISER-K is welcome to contribute.

Click here to visit

individual blogs

'Muse' - annual magazine

Publishing the annual magazine is the biggest duty and pleasure of the Literary Club. An editorial team is formed within the club for screening/proofreading submissions and designing the magazine.

the first issue - 2013
We published the very first issue of the annual magazine this year. It is an end result of lots of hard work and dedication, especially by Abhranil Das, Anindya Sengupta and Dibya Chakraborty. This is undoubtedly our best achievement till date and a milestone for IISER-K. All of us are proud to have been a part of it.

The current editorial board is working on the next issue. Send in your submissions soon!

Mail your submissions to: debapriyo.mail@gmail.com


club library

The Literary Club is slowly building itself a great little library. Each passing out member donates one book to the club. Needless to say, these books are very carefully picked.

recommended books

Will be updated soon.

institute library

The club members get the special privilege of being able to requisition any book for the institute library.

Will be updated soon.

register now

1. If you love literature
2. If you enjoy quizzing
2. If you're keen on debating
3. If you enjoy intellectual and pseudo-intellectual conversations
4. If you want to be part of a great community
5. If you like promoting creativity

membership privileges

1. requisitioning booksMembers can request any book and it'll be brought to the institute library. Things can't get much better than this!

2. editorial board for museAn editorial board for the annual magazine is formed every year by the members of the club. Only members are allowed to be a part. The editorial board has the final say in all issues regarding Muse.

Contact us

For registration:
Kathir Kanagarajan
Phone: +91-8017649066
E-mail: kathir11023@iiserkol.ac.in
(Anyone who is a part of IISER Kolkata can register. Registration fee is Rs.100 for the first year, and Rs.50 per year for renewal.)

For website related issues:
Debapriyo Sarkar
Phone: +91-9874371964
E-mail: debapriyo11033@iiserkol.ac.in

NOTE: You can be a part of our blog without being a registered member of the club. Just follow few simple steps given here.

Additional Links

IISER Kolkata main website www.iiserkol.ac.in

IISER Kolkata students' gymkhana www.clubs.iiserkol.ac.in

the Literary club blog www.iiserkol.wordpress.com

the Literary club's facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/litclub.iiserkol/

the Literary club's facebook group for quizzing www.facebook.com/groups/386722374759507/

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