Hi! I'm Kanha Gupta.

4thyear integrated BS-MS student in Department of Chemical Sciences at IISER KOLKATA

iiser kolkata

Research interest

  • Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cell and their application in Thin Film Transistor (TFT), Non Linear Optics (NLO)
  • Macrocyclic system containing heterol ring like pyrrole, thiophene, ethylenedioxythiophene (EDOT)
  • Bioactive molecule synthesis
  • Natural product synthesis
  • Metodologies development for new aromatic moieties.
  • Electrochemical and chemical polymerisation for the synthesis of conjugated polymers
  • Experience


    Summer internship I

    • Project title: Metallosurfactants and its molecular assemblies
    • Supervisor: Dr. Gurpreet Kaur (Assistant Professor, Dep of Chemistry and center for advance studies)
    • Institute: Panjub University
    • project duration: may-july 2016

    Summer intership II

    • Project title: Bioactive molecule synthensis
    • Description: Chemical examination of jack fruit and studies on protection of enantiopure amino acids for the synthesis of hybrid molecules. Synthesis of alpha amino phosphonate from artemisnin and its derivatives.
    • Supervisor: Dr. Ashis K. Bhattacharya (Scientist , Division of Organic Chemistry)
    • Institute: National Chemical Labrotary(CSIR-NCL),Pune
    • Project duration: june-july 2017


    • Secure rank in IIT JEE ADVANCE(8235/5,00,000)
    • Participated in KVPY VIJYOSHI-2014
    • DST INSPIRE fellowship (AUG-2014-CURRENT)
    • Qualify NTSE-2012 (state level)


    Lab Skills

  • Handling of NMR data.
  • Thin layer and Column Chromatography
  • Inert atmosphere reactions
  • Wet synthetic process (sol-gel, HT, etc.)
  • UV-Vis Spectroscopy
  • Solid state FT-IR Spectroscopy, Mass Spectroscopy, Raman Spectroscopy
  • NMR, XRD and SEM, TEM, SAED, NMR analysis

  • Computer skills

  • Python Programming (Basic), HTML(Basic)
  • Gnuplot, Origin
  • ChemDraw, Microsoft Office/Excel/Powerpoint/word
  • CIE analysis, X’Pert High Score Plus
  • Systems: Mac, Linux, Windows
  • other software of chemical sciences