hello i'm Naksatra

"A third year B.S.-M.S. Mathematics guy who is too much into coding and gaming.
A little bit narcissist as well."

I am a Perfectionist Designer Coder Mathematician

About Naksatra.

I currently reside in IISER Kolkata taking a B.S. - M.S. Dual Degree Course. I hope to be a data analyst and i am a code enthusiast. I love art and design and I play a synthesizer. I have been gaming for most of my childhood and I hope to give something back to the gaming industry. I love mathematics and I hope to make it easier and fun for everyone to learn it.

Math and coding are the two things I hope to combine for a better future.

You can download my cv from below

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Skills that I am proud of and I think will be benefitial for me.

Web Development

Python Advanced

Computer Vision

Machine Learning

Graphic Design



Subjects I have studied and education completed.

Future Projects

Some aspects of Mathematics and Computer Science I am looking into or I hope to look into for the future.

Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning

Linux Drivers

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So that I won't feel lonely.