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I am a 5th year integrated MS student studying at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata, and I am majoring in Earth Science. I have over three years of experience with seismology and I have completed many projects, some of which include - the Rupture Back Projection of earthquakes to investigate rupture pattern and characteristics of teleseismic earthquakes in the Kashmir and Nepal region, Investigating Coulomb Stress Changes due to earthquakes to understand aftershock triggering mechanisms in the Himalayan region, Full Waveform Body wave Inversion of teleseismic data to determine the mechanisms, slip and other characteristics of earthquakes in the Himalayan region of North East India. My current work, for my MS thesis, focuses on the intraplate earthquakes in the Bay of Bengal region, their mechanisms and rupture patterns. The focus of my work is to understand the convergence of the Indian plate with its surrounding plates to create an understanding of the tectonics of the whole region and how it is being accommodated. This is the reason why I chose to study the Himalayas and the Bay of Bengal region.

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D-010, ICVS Hall, IISER Kolkata +91 7044056505 arkonique.me /arkonique


My major research interests are:


I have worked on "Numeric Weather Prediction" and worked out the effects of a chaotic system of equations onpredictability. I solved the Lorenz system of equations and worked out how changing the initial conditions on the system affected the state of the system at a later time.

I have worked on the seismotectonics of the himalayan region using Back Projection analysis outlined by Ishii et al. (2005) using an algorithm I developed. I have used the back projection of body waves to track the spatiotemporal properties of the rupture for the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2015 Nepal earthquake. The study of the Kashmir region is complete and will soon be submitted for publication in a peer reviewed journal.

I have worked on understanding the Coulomb stress changes that took place across the fault during the 2015 Nepal Earthquake mainshock and the subsequent aftershocks to create an understanding of the effect of the mainshock on triggering of the aftershocks to understand whether there is a clear correlation between the regions of stress accumulation and locations of the aftershock fault planes.

I have worked on finding the focal mechanism using body wave inversion of the 28 th August 2018 Bengal Basin Earthquake which gave us an insight about about the active basement faults beneath the surface. This study has already been submitted for publication in a peer reviewed journal.

I have worked on finding the focal mechanism of the 12 th September Assam Earthquake (M w 5.4) using full waveform body wave inversion to connect it to the underlying tectonics of the region and compare it to the previously observed seismicity in the region. At the moment the study is complete and will soon be submitted for publication in a peer reviewed journal.

Currently, for my MS thesis, I am studying moderate to large (M w > 5.5) intraplate earthquakes of the Bengal basin using full waveform body wave inversion to understand the underlying tectonics of the region and find the causes of these earthquakes. This will create an understanding of the underplating of the Bay of Bengal region under the Burma plate and how this convergence in being accomodated.


I have over three years of training in computer science, accumulated from various courses during my undergraduate studies as well as independent studies. Hence I also have a very strong background in programming and I am familiar with quite a number of programming languages and concepts. Among other things, I have also been developing a software for the rupture back projection of body waves, a package for doing conversions from different formats for moment tensor inversion, and a package for locating earthquakes using differential evolution.



Python 2.7



















Honors and Awards

EGU 2019 Early Career Scientist Travel Grant
INSPIRE Fellowship
CBSE Study Grant



Here is a list of softwares and packages developed by me:

I have also developed other unrelated softwares in my spare time which are not related to any of my research interests and more as exercises in programming, like a JS plugin to dynamically build carousels for the web, and a CryptoCurrency app which gives the user notifications based on targets they select. All of these are available on my website - arkonique.me