Welcome to the Personal Webpage of Suprovo Ghosh.

About me :

I am 3rd Year Integrated BS-MS student at IISER-Kolkata. I am currently pursuing Physics major.

Education :

Secondary :  School : Jamalpur High School ;       Percentage Obtained : 96.4%.
Higher Secondary :     School : Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya, Narendrapur ; Percentage Obtained : 92.4%.
Under-Graduate Study :     Currently in 3rd Year of Integrated BS-MS, Physics Major, IISER Kolkata. Current CGPA : 9.29 .

Academic Interests :

Mainly interested in some theoretical aspects of Star evolution : formation of Neutron Stars, Pulsras and Blackholes. Also interested in some experimental work on Pulsars and Other Radio Astronomical Objects.
Also I am interested on the theoretical aspects of Neutrino mass Problem and also some experimental work on the Neutrino Detection.

Research Experience :

1. JULY - 2016 : Attended POS (Pulsar Observation for Stuents) in Ooty, India.
In this Program I studied about Pulsars and some Important aspects of Radio Astronomy. I also made live observation of the Pulsar B1055-21 with Ooty Radio Tele-scope(ORT) and calculated its Time period,Dispersion Measure and Modulation Index.

2. MAY-JUNE 2016 : Measuring Time Correlation between layers of RPC Detectors at TIFR, India.
In the INO(India based Neutrino Observatory) Project, the RPC detectors are used to track muons produced by neutrino collision with Iron. Under Prof. Dr. Gobinda Majumder ; My work was to determine the correlation in timing information between different layers of the RPC detectors placed in TIFR, Mumbai, India.

3. DECEMBER 2015 : Winter School in Radio Astronomy in IUCAA, India.
In this winter school I mainly studied some basics of Astrophysics, Cosmology and Radio Astronomy Instruments. Also performed experiments on Radio Antenna Characteristics, measuring antenna offset and Determination of Rotation curve of our galaxy from HII lines from our galaxy.

4. MAY-JUNE 2015 : Harmonic analysis of stringed musical instruments with moving boundaries.
In this Project at IIT Kanpur under Dr. Saikat Ghosh, India I mainly measured properties of Indian Classical Musical Instruments Sitar and tried to model it by Comapring with Fixed boundary Strings.

5. DECEMBER - 2014 : Experimental determination of the set of natural frequencies of an N-pendulum system.
In this project at IISER-Kolkata under Dr. Rangeet Bhattacharya , I mainly calculated natural frequencies of a 3 and 4 Pedulum system and verified with the theory.

Scholarships and Awards :

1. Received KVPY Scholarship for five Years of my UnderGraduate Studies by DST(Department Of Science and Technolgy), India in 2013.

2. Became 2nd in State in Secondary Examination in 2012.

3. Qualified All India JEE-Main and JEE-Advanced in 2014 within 99.9 percentile.

Contact Information :

Address : D-303, ICVS Hall, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research(IISER) - Kolkata , Mohanpur, West Gengal, India - 741246

Phone NO: +91-9733052410

Mail id:   sg14ms153@iiserkol.ac.in