Shouvik Majumder

5th year BS-MS at IISER Kolkata

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Academic knowledge

Mathematics Major

Strong background in Pure Mathematics and applied statistics

Algebraic and Differential Topology, Machine Learning, Time Series Analysis, Convex Optimization, PDE, Commutative Algebra, Functional Analysis, Linear Algebra, Complex analysis, Differential Geometry, Network Analysis, Measure Theory and Probability and more.
Two Minors in Biology and Physics

Biology, Physics, and interdisciplinary topics.

Cognitive Neuroscieces, Behavioural Biology and Evolution, Complex Systems, Statistical Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Dynamic Systems, Brain Imaging, Modeling, Economics, Ecology etc.

Research Interests

Topological Data Analysis (TDA)

Application of Topology techniques, such as Persistent Homology, to extract features from (high dimensional) data. I am particularly interested in topological features which are discriminatory and can be used as inputs to machine learning frameworks.


Using TDA, Machine Learning, and subsequent Modelling to decode experimental brain data and address questions in neuroscience related to sensory perception, attentional control, decision making, memory, and their associated neural markers.

Neuro Lab IISER Kolkata (MS-Thesis)

Member of the Neuro Lab, IISER Kolkata, guided by Dr. Koel Das. We analyse fMRI and EEG data associated to various cognitive tasks and decode them using a combination of TDA, Network models, machine learning etc., and explore relevant task based neural markers.

Topology of the Grassmannian

independent study guided by Dr. Somnath Basu, IISER-K, describing some aspects of the structure of the Grassmannian as a smooth manifold, as a metric space, and as a quotient.

Fall, 2018.

Analysis of Animal Behavioural Data

Collaborative research work with Behaviour and Ecology Lab, IISER-K, guided by Dr. Anindita Bhadra. I used Mesoscopic properties of canine behavourial networks to investigate relevant behavioural patterns. We also used Multi-Fractal Detrended Fluctuation Analysis to uncover characteristics of underlying empirical distributions.

Statistical Learning

Independent Study guided by Dr. Anirvan Chakraborty, IISER-K. I essentially built a Machine Learning working toolset. Most of my knowledge is mostly due to the entirety of the two books: Introduction to Statistical Learning (ISL) and Elements of Statistical Learning (ESL), by T. Hastie, R. Tibshirani et al.

Convex Analysis and Optimization

Summer project guided by Dr. Anup Biswas, IISER-Pune, on various optimization techniques based on convex analysis and the methologies of relevant algorithms.

summer, 2017.

Harmonic Oscillators and Isochrnousity

Guided by Dr. Ananda Dasgupta, IISER-K, I studied oscillators when not constrained by the small angle approximation, and studied how the periodicity is a non-constant function depending on the potential. We also studied the class of potentials that produce constant time periods (Isochrnosouity).

Tunneling in Organic Semi-conductors

Guided by Dr. Partha Mitra, IISER-K, I explored tunneling phenomenon in several organic and ferromagnetic semiconductor junctions, their mathematical formulations, and magnetoresistance.

INSPIRE Fellowship

Granted by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India for Bachelor and Masters course to the top 1% students of the country pursuing science.
INSPIRE = Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research

Summer and Winter Schools

Annual Foundation School by National Centre for Mathematics.
Indo French Centre for Applied Mathematics Summer and winter schools
Basic Algebraic Geometry Workshop by National Centre for Mathematics

Music Club, IISER Kolkata

Office Bearer(Secretary, Convener) and active member of the Music Club, IISER Kolkata for three consecutive years. Passionately interested in Music of diverse genres. Involved in various cultural activites on and off campus.
  1. Publications/Preprints

    1. S. Majumder, F. Apicella, F. Muratori, & K. Das, “Detecting Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Topological Data Analysis”, IEEE 45th International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2020 (Accepted, In Press).
  2. 2. A. Banerjee, N. Das, R. Dey, S. Mmajumder, P. Shit, A. Banerjee, N. Ghosh, & A. Bhadra, “Unraveling Linguistic Patterns in Dog Behaviour”, arXiv preprint, arXiv:1903.11946 (In review).
  3. 3. M. Paul, A. Nandi, S. Majumder, & A. Bhadra, “The Role of Play in Early Development in Groups of Free-Ranging Dogs” (In review).
  1. Work

    Member @Neuro-Lab, IISER Kolkata

    MS Thesis | 4th Year onwards.
  2. Behavior and Ecology Lab, IISER Kolkata

    Research Collaboration
  3. Education

    Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata

    2015 - 2020
  4. Ramakrishna Vivekananda Mission Vidyabhawan, Barrackpore.

    2001 - 2015