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Hi, I am Shuvojit

I am an Integrated PhD student at IISER-KOLKATA of 2012 batch. I am interested in optics and my project is "micro-hydrodynamics and statistical mechanics using Optical Tweezers". Dr. Ayan Banerjee is my supervisor.

Background :

I was a student of Shantinagar High School (Krishnagar, Nadia, West Bengal) and then became graduated from Chakdaha College under the affiliation of Kalyani University. I got admission here as an IPhD student on 2012.

Skills :

1) I setup Optical Tweezers, made some nessesary electric components (like, QPD from ordinary CD peakup head and the corresponding amplifier) and did many optical alignments.
2) I am skilled in data analysis.
3) I am quite at ease in C, Fortran, MatLab, LabView, html (and learning Python, Java...:-D).

Email Id : shuvojitpaul92@gmail.com

Mobile ☎

+91 9679758589

About My Work

1) I am working on micro-hydrodynamics and statistical mechanics using optical tweezers and optics as tools. I setup dual trap optical tweezers (by tightly focusing two gaussian laser beams using high numerical aperture microscope objective) and trapped two micron size spherical polystyrene beads very close to each other and saw very interesting effects and proved fluctuation response theorem for such a complecated system. I used those as tools for rheological measurements.
2) Bayesian statistics is a strong tool that we used to analys data of the thermal fluctuation of trapped particle and calibrated optical tweezers.
3) I am also working to solve some experimental challenges related to the data recording and analysis of optical tweezers.
4) I will make a real time data analysis software.
5) Later I will work on active and viscoelastic medium.


I have no publication yet. Hopefully, I can edit this part soon...:-;

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