I am a final year Physics student in the BS-MS dual degree course curriculam at IISER Kolkata. In particular, I am interested in exactly solvable models in Statistical physics and Condensed matter system.

During my course curriculum I am exposed to different aspect of equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical phenomenons. I started my journey from coin tossing problem and through various ensemble problems I got the flavor of the subject. During my 2nd year summer internship I studied Ising model system (1D and 2D) and the phase transition behaviors of various lattice systems. The novel analytical treatments to solve various model systems motivate me to carry on my research works in this field. I was successful to develop a new approach to determine the exact partition function 1D Ising model system for both the cases of presence and absence of external magnetic field. Recently I am trying to generalize it for higher dimensional cases. During my 3rd year summer project I worked on the effect of long ranged dipolar interaction in kagome lattice system. The magnetic properties of such geometrically frustrated lattice system are yet to be characterized and is an open field of research. I want to pursue my future research in this field and hope to contribute back to the research community.

Recently in Biophysics course the model biological systems (excluded volume problem, polymer folding mechanism, sedimentation, pattern formation, cellular transportation) make me interested. The applications of non equilibrium statistical mechanics and master equation approach are no doubt interesting and promising to solve complicated biological phenomenons in both analytical and computational perspective. I want to explore some novel approach to analytically formulate protein folding, membrane behaviour, muscle contraction and cell mobility problems and eager to contribute in this field.

Mr. Swarnadeep Seth
ICVS Hostel- D008

IISER Kolkata - RHC
Mohanpur, Nadia - 741246
West Bengal, India
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