Research Interest


Career Objective:

To build a career in field of research and to expertise myself in hydrology of Indian rivers. I would like to be a part of successful Organization who encourages new thoughts and contributes significantly to the society.

Instrument Handling:

  1. MAT 253 (Isotope-ratio mass spectrometry)
  2. Gas Bench II
  3. GC-MS-MS
  4. Keil IV Carbonate
  5. Element Analyzer (Flash 2000)
  6. GC-C-IRMS
  7. Rotary Evaporator, Accelerated Solvent Extractor, Micro-Mill, Sample Concentrator, Microwave Digestion system.


1. Ph.D work in (2014 – Present): Use of elements and isotope to understand a large river system: A case study in the river Ganga, India

To understand the contribution of different source of water into the river Ganga (Glacier ice melt, Rain and Groundwater) and to look at the carbon and nitrogen cycle of the system.
Guide: Dr. Prasanta Sanyal

Oral Presentation in 2015 at IAEA, Vienna (IAEA-CN-225-184): Isotopic variations (d18O and dD) in large river system and its implication to water budget: A case study from the river Ganges, India

Oral Presentation in 2015 at IISER Kolkata: Stable isotope as a tracer to delineate the water budget of river Ganga.

2. Dissertation work in 2014: Characterization of paleosol at isotopic level and its implication to past climate and vegetation: A case study from Rayka Section near Mahi River, Gujarat.

Under the guidance of Dr. Prasanta Sanyal, (IISER Kolkata).

3. Summer Project in 2013: Extracting Cellulose from Tree Ring samples and their Stable Isotope analysis for paleoclimatic Reconstruction.

Under the guidance of Dr. Saikat Sengupta, (IITM Pune).

4. Summer Project in 2012: Role of Width of Original Sedimentary basin in partitioning shortening in the Himalayan fold- thrust belt.

Under the guidance of Dr. Kathakali Bhattacharyya, (IISER Kolkata).

Poster Presentation in 2013 at IISER-Kolkata: Lateral Variation in Shortening and basin width in the Lesser Himalayan fold-thrust belt Insight from regional balanced cross section. (Presented by: Anurag Kumar)

Poster Selected for Presentation in 2013 (29th Oct) at GSA (Geological Society of America): ROLE OF INITIAL BASIN WIDTH IN PARTITIONING TOTAL SHORTENING IN THE LESSER HIMALAYAN FOLD-THRUST BELT: INSIGHTS FROM REGIONAL BALANCED CROSS SECTIONS. (Presented by: Dr. Kathakali Bhattacharyya)

BHATTACHARYYA, Kathakali1, KUMAR, Anurag1, and MITRA, Gautam2, (1) Department of Earth Sciences, Indian Institute of Science Education Research Kolkata (IISER K), Mohanpur Campus, Nadia, West Bengal, 741252, India,, (2) Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Rochester, 208A Hutchison Hall, Rochester, NY 14627.