Harshith Sairaj A

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
BSMS 2018-23

I like maths, coffee and programming.

I have taken a liking towards analysis, specifically in Several Complex Variables and Partial Differential Equations.
My MS project is on Carleman Approximation on the union of Lipschitz graphs. I have completed it under the guidance of Dr Sushil Gorai.

Contact me at my personal email: sairaj922@gmail.com

DMS Day 2023 Talk

I gave a talk on differentiable monsters on DMS Day 2023 IISER Kolkata.
Functions that are differentiable everywhere but monotone nowhere!
You can find the slides here: Talk Slides

Some courses I have taken at IISER Kolkata
Scholarships and Achievements
Teaching Assistant at IISER Kolkata

Duties: tutorials, holding office hours, grading and designing questions