My Research

I am interested in Beyond the Standard Model phenomenology at present and future collider: LHC, ILC, CLICK, LHeC. Following are the topics that I have been working on:
  • Effective field theory,
  • Anomalous gauge boson, Higgs to gauge boson and Higgs self couplings,
  • Polarization/spin observables of spin-1 (Z, W) and spin-1/2 (t) particle,
  • Role of beam polarization at ILC and LHeC,
  • Phenomenology of Supersymmetry, extra dimension and dark matter.

Research Experiences

For the past five years I predominantly work on studying anomalous couplings in electroweak sector with polarization of final state and initial state particle. In collaboration with Dr. Ritesh K. Singh I studied the anomalous trilinear gauge couplings of Z and g using a complete set of polarization asymmetries for Z boson in e+e- --> ZZ/Zgamma processes with unpolarized initial beams and obtain a simultaneous limit on all the anomalous couplings using Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method. Next I studied the effect of beam (e) polarization on the sensitivity of polarization observables on the anomalous couplings in the same processes and estimated best choice of beam polarization in terms of measure of goodness based on averaged likelihood. After this, I studied anomalous W+W-V (V = Z, gamma) couplings in the process e+e- --> W+W- with W boson polarization and beam polarization and obtain constrain

on the anomalous couplings using MCMC. Next I studied ZZ production process at LHC in 4l channel including aTGC with QCD correction using spin polarization of Z boson together with total rate. I was also involved in studying the anomalous ZZH and ZZHH couplings in the processes e+e- --> ZHH and e+e- --> HH nu nu_bar In collaboration with Prof. P. Paulose et. al. We study sensitivity of cross section and other kinematic distributions on the anomalous couplings. In collaboration with P. Poulose et. al. I also studied the Flavour Changing Neutral Current (FCNC) in the single top quark production via tqZ interaction at the proposed Large Hadron electron Collider (LHeC) with polarized electron beams. We reconstruct the missing neutrino (nl) coming from t --> W+b, W+ --> nu_l l+ to construct the polarization observables of top quark and use them to study signal as well as relevant background and obtain constrain on the non-standard tqZ couplings.

Ongoing project

Currently I am studying WWZ (WWgamma) anomalous couplings in WZ (Wgamma) production process at LHC using Z,W (W) polarization. The WZ process can also be taken as the major background for trilepton plus missing energy final state at LHC to search for supersymmetric particle. I am also involved in studying the sensitivity of CP-violating operators in process ZH, ZW production at LHC using spin polarization observables of Z boson in collaboration with Dr. Adam Falkowski. We see the effects of hadronized-detector simulation on the sensitivity of the observables. This work is part of Indo-French network project.

Future direction

  • To study spin-spin correlation in the process VV (V = W/Z) production,
  • To study Dark matter in the light of spin observables,
  • Machine learning for searching supersymmetry and extra dimension at collider.


Please click here to see my publications with citations.