Research Interests

I am currently exploring the neural mechanisms of visual cognition for my Master's Research Project with the Neuro Lab under the supervision of  Dr. Koel Das, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, IISER Kolkata.  I am seeking graduate programs in labs which investigate the field of cognitive neuroscience including, but not limited to, visuospatial cognition, memory, event and scene representation and decision-making, with the help of imaging, and computational and statistical tools.

Research Experience


Research Article: 
Dasgupta, D. et al. Altered Food Habits? Understanding the Feeding Preference of Free-Ranging Gray Langurs Within an Urban Settlement. Front. Psychol. 12:1120 (2021)

Conference Abstract (Accepted for VSS 2022)
Karmakar, S and Das, K. "Does visual experience with face masks aid face recognition during the COVID-19 pandemic?"


2020 - Reading Project, Dr. Koel Das (IISER Kolkata)
Studied pattern classification theories and machine learning algorithms, and their applications in EEG data analysis
2019 - Summer Internship, Dr. Manabi Paul (University of Calcutta, Kolkata)
Explored a unique feeding behaviour in non-human primates; gained skills such as team-work, field observation and behavioural studies
2018 - Summer Internship, Dr.Mohit Prasad (IISER Kolkata)
Explored the field of fruit fly genetics, tested effects of human medicines on them: undertook behavioural assays; dissected, stained and imaged drosophila ovaries
Technical Skills
Programming Languages: Python, C++, Java
Softwares : MATLAB, Photoshop, ImageJ, Origin, LaTeX, MS-Office, LibreOffice
Relevant Skills: EEG, MVPA, Machine Learning, Network Analysis 
I have working knowledge of Signal Detection Theory, Bayesian Decision Theory, and MATLAB toolboxes such as the PsychToolBox and SHINE. 
I am also familiar with Ideal Observer Analysis and Representational Similiarity Analysis.

Qualified CSIR-UGC NET (June 2021) for Junior Research Fellowship (2022)
DST-INSPIRE Scholar (2017-2022)
JBNSTS Junior Scholar (2015)
JBNSTS Senior Scholar (2017, secured rank among top 10 scholars)

GPA (cumulative over 9 semesters, BS-MS): 9.41


Bengali, Hindi (native)
English (fluent proficiency)

Extracurricular Activities

I am involved in the biological sciences journal club of our institute (Biome) as also our non-profit teaching initiative (Ek Pehal). I have been part of the organizing team for the Art Event of our institute's annual fest in 2019. I hold an orange belt in Karate-Do and I am a trek and film enthusiast. I enjoy cycling, running, playing chess and my guitar, and a good sense of humour. I am an avid reader, have published in Inventa 2022, and sometimes compose poems and songs.

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