:: Fields in Life Sciences ::

Computational GenomicsI am interested to know as to how huge data from genome sequencing software are interpreted through computational algorithms & how they are interpreted to understand the causes of genetic-disorders.
Computational NeuroscienceAs Neuroscience has always been interesting, my interest lies on as to how the neurons being made of basic molecules store memory through connections in brain and express a higher dimension of consciousness.
Computational ProteomicsSince, Proetins cover one part of the Central Dogma of Life, I have always been interested to learn as to how Protein structures and their respective Functions are analysed through high-end computations.
BiophysicsI am very anxious to learn as to how biophysicists incorporate physical laws to understand the biological world using computational simulations of molecular movements etc.
Molecular BiologyThe way everyone looks upon biology is defined by this branch. Since molecules make up the world of biology, every modern branch of biology can be considered as a brainchild of this. Every biologist is interested in this, and hence me !
Cryo-EM TechniqueElectron Microscopy has revolutionised the world of biology by providing details invisible to the microscopees itself; so I am very interested to learn the techniques and especially the new Cryo-one !

Apart from this, Singing is my strength and Playing Cricket is just to keep me fit!

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