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JS, Python, C, Java, Bash, Solidity


Origin, Imagej, Matlab, Mathematica, Scipy


English, Hindi, Odia


Blockchain, Qiskit, Full-Stack App Development, Algorithms, Computer Architecture



MS Thesis Project August 2021 - June 2022

This is a two semester long project. I have proved the security of the BB84 protocol by proving the arguments given by Peter Shor and John Preskill. This established a link between the CSS codes and the BB84 rate. I will explore more connections between Quantum Cryptography and Error Correction.
Under Prof. Guruprasad Kar, ISI Kolkata

Independent Study Project in Quantum Optics August 2021 - January 2021

This was a one semester long project. Here I studied about Universal Quantum Computation using Continuous Variables after a background study in Quantum Optics and Open Quantum Systems.
Under Prof. Chiranjib Mitra, IISER Kolkata

Project on Quantum Cryptography

I am studying about Device Independent Cryptography and Random Number Generator. Violation of Bell Inequalities is a sign of Quantum Randomness which is intrinsic unlike classical randomness which arises from lack of knowledge.
Under Dr. Ramij Rahaman, ISI Kolkata

Project on Quantum Computation

I will study about microwave squeezing and its applications to Quantum Computation.
Under Prof. Chiranjib Mitra, IISER Kolkata

Study of mesoscopic systems using stochastic thermodynamics May - July 2019

Modelled stochastic systems at mesocopic level using langevin dynamics. Studied about various stochastic models and studied thermodynamic properties of mesoscopic systems using markov chain.
Done under Dr. Prabhakar Bhimlapuram, IIIT Hyderabad.

Study of Nano-scale properties of Gold-Colloid May - July 2018

Studied colloid growth using protein folding models. Learned about Surface Plasmon Resonance and Raman Spectroscopy. Analyzed growth patterns for fractal parameters using ImageJ.
Done under Prof. Anushree Roy, IIT Kharapgpur.

MTS Shell

This is Multi-Threaded Scheduler shell to a text processing system. AAH maintains several text buffers, and would be able to accept/execute commands from the user to modify the contents of these buffers.

CFP Calculator

This is Customized Floating Point Calculator. Embedded systems often do not have hardware support for floating point. A solution for this is to use a software floating point library. we can also create custom floating-point encodings for different purposes, which is something that is done quite often in deep learning.

Inquivesta 2K19

Main website with register/login and payment features, admin portal, College Representative portal, beta version, Search Engine optimization , FB api integration


This is a food delivery app made for my friend for launching his restaurant online. Made in Android studio using only Java.

Co-Curricular Activities

Developed the main website with features like register/login for participants and seamless payment. Developed the admin portal. Developed the CR portal and integrated FB and google api. Also took care of the site's SEO.

Made possible the creation of coding and designing club of IISER Kolkata

IISER Kolkata for a long time lacked coding and designing club. Many graduate students needed colloboration for their computational projects. Websites were required for hosting annual events. Science magazines also required online presence. So, me and some of my friends started corressponding with the student's council and the dean for establishment of the coding amd designing club. Brought together intersted studnets, laid down the charter, chose the office bearers and mediated between those who wanted technical help and those who could help for bootsrapping the club.

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