Magnetic activity on our closest star Sun modulates the space enviornment. In a highly magnetized medium the magnetic loops (Coronal loops) show complex activities driven by the surface motion of plasma which leads to resturcturing of magnetic fields resulting in eruption of energetic particles into interplanetary medium. Such events despite creating beautiful auroras, pose a threat to telecommunications systems, astronuts, space assets and power grids among other undesirable effects. With a increasing dependancy on technologies we must develop a roboust system to predict the onset of such eruptive events which will enable us to take precautionary measures.
My interest lies in modeling the evolution of the largescale magnetic field through numerical simulations inspired by multi-spacecraft observations. My thesis will focus on studying the onset conditions and thereby making an effort to predict the eruptive events on a timescale of several days. Long-term analysis of global coronal magnetic field through a less resource intensive model based on physically transparent assumptions would be the theme of my research. As a part of my curent research, I am involved in development of a global magnetofrictional model for the global solar corona. Here is a list of some recent works that I presented and worked on in collaboration.

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